Film (English)

What I believe

Documentary/Cinema/TV/Internet in preparation WHAT I BELIEVE accompanies the three friends Emir, David and Frieda over the course of a year. The children belong to different religions. Despite their friendship, they also have to deal with exclusion and racist prejudice in their everyday lives.

Chao’s Transition

Documentary/ TV/ 35 min 35 Minutes D/CH 2021 Chao (25) was born in Japan as son of a Chinese woman and has lived in Switzerland since she was five. It was clear early on that she was not a “normal” boy, but actually a girl. Now she takes the step and wants to have a

Paju – The Inner Division

Documentary/Cinema/78 min D 2019 A German-Korean filmmaker travels to the border between North and South Korea, to the town of Paju, where she encounters its residents, and their various attitudes toward the division of their country. In these meetings, an inner division also emerges — between the generations, their experiences and wishes for the future.