Chao’s Transition

  • Documentary/ TV/ 35 min
  • 35 Minutes
  • D/CH 2021

Chao (25) was born in Japan as son of a Chinese woman and has lived in Switzerland since she was five. It was clear early on that she was not a “normal” boy, but actually a girl. Now she takes the step and wants to have a surgery to become a biological woman. CHAO’S TRANSITION accompanies the young trans woman Chao on the search for her identity between genders and cultures.

  • Buch, Regie und Schnitt: Mieko Azuma und Susanne Mi-Son Quester
  • Animation: 1024
  • Kamera: Mieko Azuma
  • Ton: Susanne Quester
  • Text and Music: TICA ALPHA a.k.a. YAKUSHIMARU ETSUKO
  • (P)&(C) 2013 Mirai Records
  • Produktion: mandarinenfilm
  • Redaktion: Katya Mader ZDF/3sat
  • Gefördert von MFG Baden-Württemberg, Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Festivals: doxs!, IFFF Dortmund + Cologne