neues asiatisches kino



Dienstag und ein bi▀chen mittwoch

The idea for this film developed during a one-year-stay at an art school in South Korea. I was studying stage design and was impressed by the fact all of my classmates could draw equally well, and I wanted to know where and how they had developed their talents.

As for high school in Korea – I had really nothing but some rough imaginings. Even though I have visited Korea frequently, I never attended regular school there as a child. I had just seen the uniformed students eating ddogbuggi on the streets at night.  And I could also remember that my cousin, who was never at home, had always fallen asleep at the breakfast table.

Korean high schools were a myth to me, similar to military service.  No one discussed it, but it seemed to me as if something happened during that time in a person’s life that made the people the Korean people.

So I visited a high school and attended the lectures for two weeks. I witnessed many things that reminded me of my own high school time in German. The  worst thing was that I was always tired.

by Susanne Quester

The first screening was in November 2007 at Duisburger Filmwoche